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EINSTEIN’S SISTER is a Power-Pop band driven by arresting melodies and thought-provoking lyrics. With their songs drawing kind comparison to musical heroes such as Squeeze, XTC, Wilco and even The Beatles, this Moline, Illinois-based group has forged its own identity over the course of three albums since 1996.

Originally known as Douglas & Tucker, EINSTEIN’S SISTER began when principal songwriters Bill Douglas and Kerry Tucker chose to write, record and produce a full-length album on compact disc. ‘Einstein’s Sister,’ with "Play God," "Juliette’s In Waiting," & "My Own Country", received regional awards, rave press reviews and substantial airplay from radio stations like KORB, KALA, KUNI, WXLP and KFMG.

When it came time to promote their debut album, Douglas & Tucker recruited guitarist Steven Volk, bassist Barry Vestal and drummer John Hunter to play a debut CD release party. After the event proved a success, the fledgling band played many club and festival dates, losing Hunter along the way and gaining former Tripmaster Monkey drummer Marty Reyhons in the process.

With this line-up, the group, freshly re-christened as EINSTEIN’S SISTER, signed to Minneapolis-based OarFin Records and released ‘Oceanus’ in the winter of 1997. The album, featuring "Chameleon Girl," "Fallen Icon" and "House Of Liars" (which charted #26 at CMJ), ultimately failed to deliver on the promise of the songs, due to creative differences between the producer and the band. Determined to regain complete control over their recordings, the group chose to return to their indie roots and release their next album on their own.

With the arrival of new bassist Andrew Brock, EINSTEIN’S SISTER vindicated their honor in the spring of 1999 with ‘Learning Curves,’ their most important album to date. Featuring "Jealous Time," "My Secret Life," "Destiny Will Ride" and "Mr. Genius," ‘Learning Curves’ brought the band national attention thru Internet sales on Amazon and Not Lame Records. It also received outstanding industry press reviews in Goldmine, Amplifier Magazine and Performing Songwriter.

One of those reviewers, Eric Sorensen, was so taken with ‘Learning Curves’ that he invited EINSTEIN’S SISTER to submit a track for ‘Full Circle,’ a 2-CD tribute to Gene Clark (from The Byrds). Another fan was noted L.A. music critic David Bash, who brought the ensemble out to play the International Pop Overthrow - 2 years in a row! Music licensing opened another door for the group as songs were used for MTV’s ‘Undressed,’ ‘Making The Video,’ NBC’s ‘Passions’ and the Oxygen Network.

After reissuing and remastering their first album in the fall of 1999, EINSTEIN’S SISTER took on the arduous task of performing a Tribute set to The Police for their New Year’s Eve show. From that now-legendary point, the band has surfaced in the new millennium on rare occasion, playing new tracks from their upcoming album, due in the fall of 2000.