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"Quickly elbowing its way up the charts of my Fave CD of '99 list, Einstein's Sister's 'Learning Curves' is genius pop that sounds like early Elvis Costello taking tea with Squeeze's Glenn Tilbrook while Lennon and McCartney fuss over the scones in the kitchen." - JOHN M. BORACK, Goldmine magazine

“If good fortune smiles upon these guys and the masses become exposed to 'Learning Curves', youngsters all over the world will exclaim "when I grow up, I want to be just like Einstein's Sister!" - DAVID BASH, Amplifier

“This is a superb disc ... It's that simple!” - ERIC SORENSEN, Blank Pages

“Here is a release that is going to be at the top of many a Top 10/20 list come December...and, most likely, my own.” - BRUCE BRODEEN, Not Lame